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  1. 2018 MTS-0500 SkiDoo 850 Turbo Installation Instructions - Updated 10/15/17
  2. 2017 MTS-0500 SkiDoo 850 Turbo Installation Instructions - Updated 1/17/17

    YXZ 1000R
  3. MTY-0500 YXZ Turbo Install Instructions
  4. HSK-1389 YXZ Turbo Intercooler Fan Kit
  5. MIN-0050  YXZ Head Stud Kit Instructions
  6. HSK-1399 YXZ Alternator Relo Kit for MPI Turbo
  7. HSK-1394 YXZ Fuel Pump & Regulator Kit for MPI Turbo
  8. HSK-1395 4th Injector Controller Wiring
  9. HSK-1398 YXZ OEM Clutch Upgrade

  10. VIPER
  11. MTV-0500 (YMC p/n SMA-8KS17-00-TB) Yamaha Mountain Viper 190HP Turbo
  12. MTV-1000 Yamaha Viper Stage 1 (2013 version)
  13. HSK-1160-retro Viper Air/Oil Separator Drain to Mag Cover revision
  14. HSK-1179 EABC (Electronic Altitude Boost Compensation)
  15. MIN-0050 Viper Head Stud Kit Instructions

  16. MSA-1000 Apex Stage 1&2 Installation Instructions (updated 12-29-11)
  17. MSA-1000 2011+ Apex SC Mods for Power Steering
  18. HSB-0009 Apex Bypass Kit Instructions
  19. HSE-0416 Apex GEMS Controller Setup
  20. HSE-0437 2011+ Apex GEMS Controller Addendum
  21. FAM-0XXX A-Arm Installation Instructions
  22. FSS-2XXX Lightweight Spindle Instructions

  23. MSN-0900 Nytro 180HP Supercharger Instructions (Update 8-8-11)
  24. MSN-1000 Nytro Stage 1 & 2 Installation Instructions (updated 8-8-11)
  25. HSA-8100 Nytro Cold Air Intake Installation Instructions
  26. HSB-0008 Nytro Bypass Kit Instructions
  27. HSE-0413 Nytro Supercharger GEMS Controller Setup
  28. HSK-0110 Nytro Fuel Pump & Regulator Upgrade Kit Instructions
  29. MIN-0050 Nytro Head Stud Kit Instructions
  30. EAA-3500 Nytro Exhaust Installation Instructions
  31. MTN-1000 Nytro 180HP Turbocharger Instructions
  32. MTN-1000 Nytro 180HP Turbo Boost Tuning Instructions
  33. MTN-1000 Nytro 180HP Turbo Deep Snow Air Mod
  34. MTN-1000 Nytro 180HP Turbo Boost Switch Accessory

  35. MSC-1000 RX-1 Supercharger Installation Instructions
  36. FAM-0XXX A-Arm Installation Instructions
  37. FSS-2XXX Lightweight Spindle Instructions

  38. MSP-1000 Phazer Supercharger Installation Instructions
  39. HSE-0348 Phazer SC GEMS Controller Setup

  40. GGT-1600,1700,1701 ProLogger Manual
  41. GGT-1701 ProLogger Dual Temperature Addendum
  42. GGT-1702 ProLogger Boost-Temperature Addendum
  43. GGT-1710 ProLogger Tach Adaptor
  44. GGT-1712 ProLogger Trans Brake Diode

  45. HSE-0008 Fuel-Pro Fuel System Installation Instructions (updated 4/20/10)


  46. MSW-1000 Prowler 1000 Supercharger Installation Instructions

  47. MSZ-0100 RZR Supercharger Installation Instructions
  48. HSE-0351 RZR Supercharger GEMS Controller Setup


  49. MST-0100 Teryx Supercharger Installation Instructions

  50. MSR-1000 Rhino Supercharger Installation Instructions
  51. PRC-8000 Rhino Modified Sheave Instructions
  52. MJK-1040 Rhino Jet Kit Instructions
  53. HSW-0045 Rhino Electric Water Pump Kit Instructions
  54. HSE-0051 Rhino Ignition Module Instructions

  55. KVA-xxxx 144-151 Viper Short to Mtn Conversion
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