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SKiDoo 850 200HP Mtn TurboCharger Kit Complete

Part Number mts-0500
SKiDoo 850 200HP Mtn TurboCharger Kit Complete
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Ski-Doo 200HP Mtn TurboCharger Kit

This200HP Kit is a “Turn Key” Turbocharger Kit for the new Ski-Doo 850 Snowmobile. This version is compatible with most mountain vehicles (meaning vehicles operated at or above 3000ft).

Factory quality, OEM SkiDoo appearance, 19 year track record of “second to none” quality & performance.

  • 200HP at all altitudes above 3000ft - includes EABC (Electronic Altitude Boost Control).

  • The Entire Turbocharger Module comes pre-assembled -- Just unbolt the OEM muffler and install the complete turbo/muffler assembly (use all OEM mounting).

  • The Intake Side (AirBox, Manifolds, etc) is all Billet aluminum with o-ring seals. No air boxes or throttle bodies popping off!

  • Billet Manifolds houses 2 additional 35# injectors.

  • The Entire Turbo Assembly is Stainless Steel. Including the Lightweight Mountain Muffler.

  • A Quiet Muffler accessory is available from Straight Line Performance, Inc. 

  • Uses Proven MTA / Billet GT2860RS Oil-less Turbocharger. Ceramic Ball Bearing and Billet Aluminum Turbo CHRA - Better cooling and saves weight.

  • Oversized fabricated aluminum air-box provides superior throttle response  

  • Bolt-on installation in hours, not days. No fabrication required, all parts included (Does NOT Include Clutching).

  • Josh Kennedy Performance offers a proven Clutch Kit or Simply install Sea-Level Short Track Weights using the rest  or your OE Mountain Clutching.

  • Pump Gas Safe at 3000ft and above. Automatic Fuel Turning and Automatic Boost Control makes this "Hands-off Safe"

  • Higher HP variants & upgrades will be available.

Contact Straight Line Performance, Inc. for an Sea-Level Version licensed exclusively to SPI.

MPI Philosophy & History:

  • Before a Product is released to the customer, MPI fully tests and characterizes the product.

  • This means that we will NOT offer a product such as our 240HP kit without full durability testing and tuning.

  • The turbo side of our 240HP kit is exactly the same as the base 200 kit. BUT the 240HP kit may require simple motor upgrades. We let you know this in advance.

  • Performance must be accompanied by uncompromising quality, design, and durability.

  • All MPI products must withstand the daily use under whatever trials the enthusiast throws at us day after day without excuses.

  • MPI has been manufacturing boost kits since 2003 and 2-stroke snowmobile performance since 1999. All kits have been highly successful.

  • MPI is an OE supplier of Turbocharger kits directly to Yamaha Motor Corporation.

Quality & Reliability - The key is a multi-part formula: all pieces must be present (miss any one piece of the combination and the result is an inferior product).

  • Top quality parts: Billet / MTA Turbocharger, In-house machined billet parts and In-house fabricated aluminum and stainless steel components.

  • Non-compromising design: Drawn from years of experience, education, and use of  latest design software tools.

  •  19 years’ experience with snowmobiles: This is the 8th generation of our snowmobile boost products and the 4th generation of this particular 2 cylinder design.

200HP Pump Gas Kit at 3000ft and above:

  • “Drop-In Turbo Kit” – Installation is as easy as installing an exhaust can and reeds.
  • Turn Key Kit requiring no motor modifications. 
  • No Tuning required on Base Kit
  • Plug & Play then Pull & GO (also compatible with SHOT and Electric Start).
  • Consistent HorsePower and Performance across all altitudes. MPI’s Proven EABC (Electronic Altitude Boost Controller) does it all. Up and down hills. High & Low Barometric Changes. 
  • There are no modifications to the OEM fueling. MPI’s Boost Stand-alone controller drives a special set of Injectors specifically to fuel for the added boost. Simple, Clean and NO TINKERING across all altitudes.
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