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Viper Electronic Turbo Boost Controller / Compensator

Part Number HSK-1179
Viper Electronic Turbo Boost Controller / Compensator
Viper Electronic Turbo Boost Controller / Compensator
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EABC - Electronic Altitude Boost Compensation!
(maintains sea-level boost HP across all altitudes and all pressure variations)

This Version Includes:
 - EABC Plug and Play Electronics
 - Special High Performance Solenoid (Boost control Solenoid)
 - Mounting Hardware
 - Plumbing
 - This model interfaces directly into your MPI GEMS controller
   (universal model also available for any brand turbo

The EABC is an electronic Turbo Boost Controller that automatically compensates for altitude and barometric pressure variations. This model is pre-programmed to provide 5 PSI of boost at typical "sea-level" riding conditions. It will automatically increase boost as you ride or travel up and down. At high altitudes this unit compensates giving you the same
sea-level" Horse Power by increasing Boost levels to as much as 8 PSI (as required). There is nothing for you to adjust. It's Smart, It's Simple and It's Sound. 

Because the Boost control is electronic, your vehicle will accelerate faster. That's because a manual boost system has a set pressure. Say, for example 6psi. So at 6 psi the Turbo's mechanical actuator opens the correct amount to provide 6 psi. BUT.. as the manual boost control system accelerates from 0 to 6 psi, the actuator is already opening (or simply put, as you accelerate through 3 psi, the mechanical system is already bypassing some boost) causing slower acceleration.

Since this system is electronic, it holds the actuator closed until set boost is achieved. This results in faster acceleration. The system is also designed to give you a "kick" as you slap the throttle closed giving you a couple of seconds of about 1/2 PSI of over-boost. Just enough to get the clutches shifted....

Simple snap the Plug & Play harness into 3 connectors, cut your manual boost line in the middle and install the 2 way solenoid and you're done.

If you decide to go past the 5 psi base kit setting (over 8 psi at high altitude), your hands free controller goes with you with simple reprogramming at MPI. Set base pressures all the way to 30 PSI.

A plug in Target Adjuster is also available (additional cost).

In the unlikely event of a system failure, simply remove 1 plug and you are back to a fully functional manual system.

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