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YXZ 155HP or 200HP TurboCharger Kit Complete

Part Number mtx-0500
YXZ 155HP or 200HP TurboCharger Kit Complete
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YXZ 155HP & 200HP TurboCharger Kit

The 155HP Kit is a “Turn Key” Turbocharger Kit for the new Yamaha YXZ 1000 3-cylinder side-by-side.

The 200HP Kit is Identical to the 155HP but required Connecting Rods and Head Shim Added to Motor.

    (The only change to the Kit is a Reflash of the Electronic Boost Controller). EABC


Factory quality, OEM Yamaha appearance, 16 year track record of “second to none” performance.

  • 155HP in desert conditions on pump gas.

  • Higher HP variants & upgrades will be available. We have been producing extreme performance variants for this motor
    exceeding 300HP for many years. This 3 cylinder motor’s performance and capabilities have been our daily business since 2005.

  • Upgrades: Stage 1 200HP, Stage 2 240HP, Stage 3 280-300HP

  • Bolt-on installation in hours, not days. No fabrication required, all parts included.

  • No need for expensive clutching, as this unit has a manual transmission. Eliminating all the problems associated with CVT clutches.

  • Kit currently undergoing EPA compliance certification.

  • This motor only requires 5 psi of boost to make 155HP while competitive vehicles require much higher boost levels.

  • Bolt-on Intercooler design. Our intercooler bolts directly to the engine’s throttle bodies with o-ring billet surfaces providing a simple, rigid and resilient connection without all the hassles of individual hose connections to each cylinder.

155HP or 200HP or more....

  • 155HP kit is intended for use on a 100% stock vehicle. The OEM components will withstand Heavy Use at 155HP (possibly not extreme torture).

  • 200HP kit is identical to the 155HP kit with exception of Boost Controller Programming. We do highly recommend modifications to the OEM vehicle

    • Connecting Rods

    • Reduced compression (typically with thick head gasket, not pistons)

    • Upgraded Radiator

    • Upgraded Clutch

  • 240HP includes recommendations from the 200HP kit and requires:

    • MPI High Volume Fuel Pump and Returning Rregulator kit

    • MPI 4th Injector kit

    • Short Turbo Header recommended

  • 280HP+ Includes above components and requires:

    • Stage 3 Turbocharger Upgrade

    • Short Turbo Header

    • Rear-end and Front-end upgrades

    • Possible transmission upgrade

MPI Philosophy & History:

  • Before a Product is released to the customer, MPI fully tests and characterizes the product.

  • This means that we will NOT offer a product such as a 200HP kit without testing and telling you must, for example, upgrade the motors connecting rods.

  • The turbo side of our 200HP kit is exactly the same as the 155HP kit. BUT the 200HP kit requires motor upgrades. We let you know this in advance.

  • Performance must be accompanied by uncompromising quality, design, and durability.

  • All MPI products must withstand the daily use under whatever trials the enthusiast throws at us day after day without excuses.

  • MPI has been manufacturing boost kits for motor since 2003. All kits have been highly successful.

  • MPI is an OE supplier of Turbocharger kits directly to Yamaha Motor Corporation.

Quality & Reliability - The key is a multi-part formula: all pieces must be present (miss any one piece of the combination and the result is an inferior product).

  • Top quality parts: Mitsubishi Turbocharger, Industrial quality USA Intercooler, American manufacturing.

  • Non-compromising design: Drawn from years of experience, education, and use of  latest design software tools.

  • 14 years’ experience with this engine: This is the 7th generation of this type of multi-cylinder engine and the 4th generation of this particular 3 cylinder design. We have produced products for all 7 generations.

  • Mitsubishi Turbocharger used by OEM such as Ford, GM, Volvo, etc. This model family is common to McLaren and Bentley. 

Feature: 1
YXZ Intercooler Fan Kit for MPI Turbo
YXZ Intercooler Fan Kit for MPI Turbo
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